Irritated eyes

Do you look after your body well enough? And what about your eyes?

You sit for hours in front of a computer or television and strain your sight on a daily basis. Your eyes are often exposed to air-conditioning, bad lighting and many other factors. We say that our sight is our most important sense, but the level of care we give to our eyes is minimum, while it should come as naturally as washing your hands or cleaning your teeth.

Man is a visual creature. We take in more than 80% of our information from the external environment through our sight. From this perspective, sight is our most important sense. In today’s world, many factors act on our eyes. Naturally, it is not possible to completely eliminate the influence of these factors, but it is possible to at least minimise many risk factors, also by caring for your eyes daily. We cannot prevent many eye problems, but with quality and regular eye hygiene we can help keep them in excellent condition.

By caring for our eyes every day, we can avoid having problems in future.

A lot is said about the need to protect ourselves, but less is mentioned about protecting our eyes. Ironically, it is our eyes that are the most exposed sensory organ. We offer you a product that lets you actively take care of your eyes by yourself. At the same time, it will be an invaluable friend in the case of disease or injury to your eyes, and you can rest assured that it will not harm your eyes in any way.

  • OCUflash – clean eyes thanks to nature.
  • OCUflash – when nature heals...

Nice sunny weather makes people want to spend their free time in nature, in the mountains or near water. Maybe you are also planning to head to the mountains or to the seaside, so don’t forget to take your universal eye drops, which will help you if you have any problems with your eyes.

The summer is a time of suffering for a certain group of people – if you are allergic. As part of comprehensive therapy for allergies, in addition to pharmacotherapy a very important part is the removal of allergens, but many of the sufferers don’t put enough attention on this. They should not forget an eye flush, which removes allergens and so reduces the likelihood of your eyes becoming irritated.

Everyone has surely been in the situation where they look in the mirror and notice they have red eyes. What to do when you have the unpleasant surprise of „red eyes“?

In the large majority of cases the condition is not serious, but bothersome all the same. There is no threat of losing your sight or of serious damage in such cases. Your multi-purpose helper from your first aid box will come to the rescue once again. Clever eye drops that will never harm your eyes, only ever help them. Eye drops without interactions with other drugs. Drops that help you in several ways at the same time: as a disinfectant, antibiotic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory preparation. We applied centuries old knowledge about the treatment of eye problems in OCUflash eye drops, using extract from Eyebright.

The therapeutic effects of Eyebright was already well known in ancient times and classic nations regarded it as an important medicinal plant, which is proven also by the Greek name it bears “euphrasia“ – pleasure, satisfaction.

Reddening of the eyes can occur for several reasons. In reality the most frequent causes are inflammation of conjunctiva, allergic reactions, reddening caused by a combination of strained vision from watching television or from working at a computer, together with a badly co-ordinated eye defect (short-sightedness, long-sightedness). Reactive hyperaemia, meaning bloodshot eyes, could also be caused by tiredness, weeping, mechanical irritation, contact lenses, a smoky environment or after an injury.

Even dry eye syndrome, by which the composition of the tear film is disrupted, leads to a feeling of discomfort. OCUflash strongly helps reddening of the eyes in all the said cases. The only thing it does not completely resolve is dry eye syndrome, as that requires also artificial tears.